Designs with Character applied on Certified Organic Kids Clothes


I am Theo, and I am a professional Mechanical Engineer Mc, specialized in Health and Safety.

Hi everyone!


This is how it all began…

A couple of years ago my 1st nephew, a lovely little boy, was born and funny questions came along. Questions like:
“Are these clothes he is wearing free of chemicals and proper for his sensitive skin?”

Being an Engineer, an uncle and after a while a godfather of my nephew, I did some research regarding how safe these 100 % cotton little clothes were.

The results surprised me!

After reading numerous scientific articles and researches from various organizations, I came to the conclusion that conventional made cotton should be avoided, to put it mildly, while organic cotton should be preferred. The benefits are multiple and they regard our health, cotton workers health and the environment.

So the first decision was made: organic only from now on.

After a while a second question came up:
“What can we do to help a small child like my nephew, to develop skills that he will need in the future?”

Back to the…Lab again and mountains of data collected ended up in a two words answer:

“Quality Time”

Children, from the moment they are born actually, must have meaningful time with their parents to help the development of their cognitive skills, that will be very useful in the rest of their lives.

And that was my “Eureka” moment: Why not creating smart designs, apply them on organic clothes, and support them with educative material that will develop the cognitive abilities of the young ones, while having quality time with their parents.

Sounds complicated but in fact it is very simple:

Safe to wear, high quality organic clothes coming with supportive material, offering to children Quality Time with their parents.

That was it, Shoop-Shoop was born.

It took me another 3 years to make it real, but finally we are here now,
trying to offer the best to all the children of the world and their parents.

Have a good time

All the best


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