Designs with Character applied on Certified Organic Kids Clothes

"They... Cherish their bicycle", Boys T-Shirt, 8~12y

Romeo and Juliet

...a little Tale...

"Once upon a time,  there were two little cherries who loved cycling and since they were very good friends they decided to buy a tandem bike so that they can ride together..."

Romeo and Juliet, like all their friends from “Fruits, Sports and Colours” Collection, come with their own

Fairy Tale, D•rawing & Painting Activities,C-o-n-v-e-r-s-a-t-i-o-n Tips

and much more, offering a great experience!

Find out all about it and enjoy

Quality Time with Your Little One !

...Absolutely Tip-Top !!!

Romeo & Juliet are two very demanding and hard to please Cheries!

That’s why they only stand on very soft and comfortable T-Shirts made from  Certified 100% Organic Cotton Jersey 4oz/155 g.

and they only get Printed by ink Certified to be safe even for babies.

Caring a lot for their planet and their friends they chose a T-Shirt  manufactured solely using renewable green energy & under social responsible and good labour conditions.

Romeo & Juliet feel very comfy printed on such a T-Shirt!

find out why